Practicing self-care as an empath

Getting curious about what you’re experiencing can help shine light on how you can best care for yourself as an empath while staying true to your values.

Transforming lives with the healing power of Usui/Holy Fire® Reiki

Mandy Carter, Reiki Master Teacher and QHHT Practitioner, shares her passion for reiki by empowering individuals to discover their self-healing abilities. Mandy owns Healing Homes & Hearts in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

Rainbows Shine Over Dublin, Ohio With a New LGBTQ+ Community Alliance

Rainbow Dublin is inviting you to its inaugural Coming Out Party on August 8. The event also serves as one of the first big occasions to celebrate the city of Dublin’s first LGBTQ+ community alliance.

LGBTQ+ Pride and Prejudice in Wyandot County, Ohio [COMMENTARY]

Staying in the closet leads us to wonder who we can trust and who will stop loving us if we live authentically as ourselves. It creates paranoia and distrust. It’s the opposite of community.