How an LGBTQ+ auditor just (literally) saved an Ohio city

By Alissa Paolella, The Buckeye Flame The city auditor of Nelsonville — who spearheaded a Herculean effort to save his city earlier this year — has a message for his fellow LGBTQ+ Ohioans: do not write off small towns. Taylor Sappington’s family has deep roots in Hocking County going back generations. When he was in theContinue reading “How an LGBTQ+ auditor just (literally) saved an Ohio city”

A New Source of LGBTQ+ Support Brings Light to Darke County, Ohio

A new group is working to create a Darke County fully inclusive of LGBTQ+ citizens and allies by promoting a sense of community in Greenville, Ohio.

LGBTQ+ Pride and Prejudice in Wyandot County, Ohio [COMMENTARY]

Staying in the closet leads us to wonder who we can trust and who will stop loving us if we live authentically as ourselves. It creates paranoia and distrust. It’s the opposite of community.

Belonging and the Courage to Keep Painting

The wilderness will always be hard and scary, and we may always doubt our ability to withstand challenges on our own. Keep a strong back, soft front and wild heart.